The End of Now, The Public Record Microblog - merging into main site.

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Jul 16 2017 (7 days ago) // Last Updated: Jul 16 2017 (7 days ago)

When I launched this microblog last fall, I thought I would use it as a notepad of sorts; quick little information updates, links, notes, and such.

The idea was to share stories as they were being created, information which didn't need the full story treatment, links to the many things that I don't have time to cover as a one man operation, and at times as a blog to share my thoughts on the stories I cover.

I found that I continued to tweet links instead of posting them here, and that many of the planned "short" blog posts turned into full columns which I post to the primary The Public Record website.

I'm going to focus the short information posts to The Public Record's Facebook page, links will be included in the daily newsletter (sign up here), and I'll be putting blog posts on the main site as well.

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