Want to Clear Snow for the City, You'll Need Legal Zoning

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Jun 11 2017 (16 days ago) // Last Updated: Jun 11 2017 (16 days ago)

A win for Ward 11 Councillor Brenda Johnson whose pushed for companies working for the City to have to operate in proper zoning.

The City [posted a notice this week advising companies seeking to bid on snow clearing contracts they must provide proof that their operation is in full compliance with zoning bylaws](

The City has a history of issuing contracts to companies that are, at the same time, trying to shut down for operating without proper zoning.

Councillor B. Johnson has particularly focused upon companies storing heavy equipment on lands zoned for agriculture, instead of commercial. Agricultural lands are taxed at a significantly lower rate than commercial, Johnson has noted this is created a significant disadvantage to companies operating with proper zoning.

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