Aidan Johnson Hopes Ted McMeekin Runs for Re-Election

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: May 08 2017 (2 months ago) // Last Updated: May 08 2017 (2 months ago)

In the small chat following Monday's Audit, Finance, and Administration Committee, Donna Skelly asked Aidan Johnson if he will seek the provincial Liberal Nomination in Hamilton-West-Ancaster-Dundas.

The conversation was clearly heard from media row.

Sunday, the Tories nominated Ben Levitt as their candidate in the riding.

As Johnson headed for the exit, Kevin Werner and I both asked him if he planned to seek the Liberal nomination.

"I'm supporting Ted McMeekin for the Liberal nomination".

Asked if he would seek the nomination if McMeekin retires:

"I'm supporting Ted McMeekin for the Liberal nomination, and I hope he seeks re-election".

Asked again if McMeekin retires will he seek the nomination

"I'm supporting Ted McMeekin for the Liberal nomination, I hope he seeks re-election and I look forward to working on his re-election campaign".

Having tried three times to get him off message, Werner and I let Johnson exit the scrum.

None of this will subside the speculation about Johnson's political ambitions, and until McMeekin declares one way or the other; eyes will be closely watching Johnson to see how he handles the delicate balance between respect and loyality to McMeekin, and the necessary preparation needed to secure the nomination if McMeekin retires.

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