Editorial Choices and Pack Coverage: The Tough Choice for Monday

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Apr 24 2017 (2 months ago) // Last Updated: Apr 24 2017 (2 months ago)

Being a one-person news operation means I do it all, and I have to decide both what to cover and what not to cover.

You've supported my efforts to create a new model for local public service journalism, and entrusted me with the privilege of being your eyes and ears at City Hall and across our City.

Reader-funded journalism enables me to watch government in a way advertising-funded media cannot.

You've trusted me to make good editorial choices, and tomorrow morning is one of those tougher choices.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is holding a press conference at LIUNA Station at the same time as a City Council committee is meeting at City Hall.

I'll be covering a City Council committee, because you'll be able to get full coverage of the Premier's press conference from the government livestream, and every other media outlet in Hamilton.

(Subscribe to the Office of the Premier on YouTube to get an alert when they go live)

Pack journalism is a necessary of advertising funded media; every outlet has to cover the same stories which gain the most eyeballs.

Premier Wynne's press conference will hopefully see her give a strong and unequivocal answer to the question of if it's "LRT or nothing".

I want to be there, it's by far the biggest story of the day.

Why I'm Covering Council Committee Instead of Premier

On a normal news day, I'm often the only journalist at City Hall covering the Audit, Finance, and Administration Committee.

That's where I'll be tomorrow - covering the City's ineffective "whistleblower policy", WSIB statistics, and staff attendance.

I'll keep an eye on the livestream of the Premier, and will read the Basic Income pilot details when they are announced.

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