At Least My Councillor Home Delivers Blue Bins

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Apr 09 2017 (3 months ago) // Last Updated: Apr 09 2017 (3 months ago)

Why do we settle for good enough Hamilton? When did the Ambitious City become the we're striving for average?

Probably about the time we settled for the politicians who provide home delivery of blue boxes, instead of delivering solutions to the challenges facing our City.

Somehow, we've come to be satisfied with two construction cranes in our Downtown and believe this is as an "economic boom". Meanwhile, other cities would be concerned if they were down to two cranes building.

Somehow, we've created dozens of plans - at great cost - for economic development and sustainability, yet never implement them. Vision 20/20, you didn't even need hindsight to know 25 years ago that it was never going to be implemented.

Our roads are in horrible shape. I was on a packed bus the other day standing, and jammed my knee when we hit not a pothole, but the bumpiness of one of our poorly repaved streets. It didn't help that I was on one of the new poorer-than-ever quality HSR buses. Sure, we'll have to spend a lot more maintaining these cheap buses, but they were good enough for - as City Council sees us - the losers who use public transit. Good enough strike again.

Looking to renovate your front porch? Good luck with the City Hall red tape. Eventually, you'll turn to your Councillor, who will give you personal service and help you navigate the red tape their decisions created. Somehow, people think this makes their Councillor great. Ask yourself, if every time you went to the drive-thru to get your morning coffee and in order to get that coffee, you had to speak to the manager. Would you be promoting that manager or thinking they would be fired for mismanaging the fast-food outlet?

At least you can call your City Councillor, and they'll home deliver a blue box.

Now, if the City hired people to deliver blue boxes and paid their $94,000 per year (plus gave them free lunch) and didn't require any education for the position, we'd be hollering about government space.

Our City's actual deficit is approaching 1-billion dollars, our infrastructure deficit is at least double, if not triple that.

But, at least your Councillor delivers blue bins.

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