HPS Civilian Manager Dan Bowman Honoured with Order of Merit of the Police Forces

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Mar 14 2017 (3 months ago) // Last Updated: Mar 14 2017 (3 months ago)

The Hamilton Police Service gets to nominate one of its members for the Order of Merit of the Police Forces every couple of years.

In a break from tradition, the HPS nominated one of their civilian members Daniel Bowman, Manager of Fleet and Facilities, for the honour.

Bowman's biography and achievements are detailed in depth on the Hamilton Police website.

I'll add some colour from my perspective.

Recently, Bowman was tasked with negotiating with the Beasley Neighbourhood Association regarding the new Police Forensics Building in the heart of the Beasley Neighbourhood.

Police sought a series of minor variances for the building, and disclosure the BNA opposed the variance. As I speak on behalf of the BNA at Committee of Adjustment, I spoke against the application.

Bowman represented the police, and sought a tabling of the file to negotiate with the BNA. I don't decide the BNA position, and Bowman meet numerous times with members of the BNA executive to find agreements on the file.

In quite the achievement, Bowman secured the BNA changing our position from opposition to neutrality. I cannot understate the significance of that achievement. (I took that back to Committee of Adjustment, and the committee looked perplexed, Beasley is never "neutral").

I regularly get to chat with Bowman, he bicycles to work and is regularly walking downtown. He's committed to the community as a whole, and regularly mentions various causes he is involved with.

In short, it's an honour well deserved.

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