The Circus That is City Hall: Another Day. A Small Venting

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Mar 07 2017 (4 months ago) // Last Updated: Mar 07 2017 (4 months ago)

I thought I learned to never be surprised by the petty harassment I receive daily at City Hall, I was wrong.

Being kicked out of today's Property Standards Committee meeting was a complete surprise, I no sooner decide to sit down and listen to the public meeting, and the City Manager's Office demands that I reveal if I have secret recording devices. I've posted a full description of events on the main TPR site.

Here's the thing, I wasn't planning to stick around in Property Standards for more than a few minutes when I first sat down. The developer was making an interesting point, and I needed a few minutes to review the agenda.

Then, I was going to go back and forth in the hallway between the outside of meeting rooms. I would monitor Property Standards for when they made decisions, to make sure to note those decisions.

Yeah, instead, well, you've read the full post.

I'll admit, I'm sitting in my office, it's 11:30pm, I have a backlog of things I needed to do instead of dealing with this bullshit. At least I'm not insane, I'm seriously thinking about just how committed I am to my work, and questioning why I don't just get up and move to Kitchener like so many of my friends have. I could work in a well paying job for an innovative IT firm, enjoy spending my evenings socializing with friends, and taking in lectures. There are no jobs in Hamilton for young people, all of my long-term close personal friends have been forced to relocate to where jobs are.

I wake up wondering why I stay in Hamilton, then I look at all the great things we Hamiltonians are doing in spite of City Hall. I know we're making our City better, and I'm part of that.

My goal is to create a model for high quality local journalism, I know I'll succeed, I was so close before Council unleashed their attack two years ago, I know I'll get back to being close to sustainable, and finally become sustainable.

I do worry about burning-out, ironically, not burning out now or during the time it will take to reach sustainability, I worry about burning out once I've reached sustainability.

We're making Hamilton better, it's hard, it seems so slow, but we're doing it.

It's moment's like this that I play this Tim

Anyway, a little bit of venting tonight. Time to get the AFA Transgender video up on the main site, and get some rest - tomorrow will be another day at City Hall.

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