Rough Notes from Municipal Heritage Committee on January 19, 2017

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Jan 19 2017 (5 months ago) // Last Updated: Jan 23 2017 (5 months ago)

UPDATE: here's the story on 1019 Wilson on the main Public Record site:

Hamilton's Municipal Heritage Committee met on Thursday, Jan 19.

The following is a rough notes coverage of the meeting. (Note: due to my learning disability, dysgraphia, writing is my weakest form of communication, so these notes may contain grammatical errors and are shorter than most rough notes written by others. I'll use this to write a fuller story tonight)

1019 Wilson Street West, Ancaster - Designation

A Shaver property, built in 1856, in the Gothic Revival style of architecture.

Staff say it meets three criteria for designation, only one criteria is required to designate.

10-4 vote, A. Johnson in favour of designation, Partridge and Pearson voted opposed. Developer says Ferguson is opposed.

The designation will go to Council for ratification at the first February Planning Committee meeting. It will likely be overturned there, both Partridge and Pearson sit on Planning Committee.

NOTE: more to come on this, the staff report was a walk-on item, I was reading it instead of writing during this debate Story now here:

43-51 King Street East, the former Kresge building

Staff have produced a report - at the direction of heritage committee - recommending the designation of the former Kresge building under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

The downtown building is a landmark, fronting onto Gore Park and directly across from the Right House building.

A demolition permit application was filed in early December, and as of February 5, the developer will be issued a demolition permit for the entire building.

Sergio Manchia, representing the developer, opened by not "mixing"1 words (he used that term), directly stating the developer - LIUNA Hi-Rise - does not see any value in retaining any portion of the rear and side of the property.

After such a hard opening, Manchia said the developer is conducting a full heritage assessment and hired a professional heritage consultant to complete the assessment. They will make the assessment public.

A healthy dialogue followed between the committee and developers agents.

Graham Carroll, a citizen member of the committee, asked many questions about the planned first phase demolition work. He sought assurances from the developer that a decision to not designate today will not result in the demolition of the front portions along King Street.

"If we do this [table the recommendation], we're putting our trust in you", Carroll closed.

Shawn Marr, Vice-President and Director of Operations for The Hi-Rise responded "we will not touch King Street, we won't touch the front. We want to get to work in the back, along King William and Hughson ... we want to determine site condition."

More to Come

The heritage committee meeting is now entering its third hour. I'm still covering. My battery is running very low, I'm charging.

The City Manager's Office ordered me to unplug from the City's power outlet in the committee room. As a "blogger", I'm not allowed to use electrical outlets in public committee rooms at City Hall.

I've refused to obey.


  1. Manchia said he would not be mixing words. I misheard and wrote "mincing". I apologize for the error. It was corrected 27 minutes after initial posting.

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