Hamilton Committee of Adjustment for January 19, 2017

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Jan 19 2017 (6 months ago) // Last Updated: Jan 19 2017 (6 months ago)

The Municipal Heritage Committee ran long today, and I didn't get to the Committee of Adjustment until the final two hearings - the CoA was about an hour behind schedule.

There were a large number of people present for a variance application on Dromore Cresent in Westdale. I didn't catch the whole hearing, so I unfortunately am not able to give a proper reporting of the issues.

One of the key reasons I cover Committee of Adjustment - to the best of my ability - is the power the Committee is granted under the Planning Act.

As the various members of the Committee stated their voting intentions, they provided clear articulated sound planning reasons for their positions.

Committee of Adjustment next meets on February 2nd.

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