The Battle of Language, Doublespeak, Post-Truth at City Hall

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Jan 17 2017 (5 months ago) // Last Updated: Jan 18 2017 (5 months ago)

What is attendance, and how do we define it?

City Council disagrees with my methods of recording every vote by Councillors, and by extension who is and is not present during meetings.

I record when Councillors arrive in the morning, the time Council makes quorum, and starting and ending times of public meetings.

City Hall Definitions

A councillor is considered present for the entire meeting, and on time, if they are present in the meeting room at some point during the meeting.

If a councillor walks into a 10-hour meeting for 15-seconds, waves at the Clerk, and leaves, this counts as full attendance.

The Public Record Definition

Is a councillor presented at the scheduled start time of a meeting?

Yes/No: If yes, they are on time. If no, they are late.

The concept of on-time is familiar to anyone who has a wage job, but Council treats this as some form of oppression by the public.

(Hence Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead's 8-hour long Twitter tirade, he was upset I reported his late arrival times to two meetings)

Is the councillor present during a vote?

Yes/No: If yes, mark how they voted. If no, mark them as absent from the vote.

Is the councillor present at the end of a meeting?

Yes/No: If yes, mark them present. If no, mark them as absent.

Here's what a full meeting record looks like:
Attendance Sheet


Post-truth politics must be fought at every turn.

I'll continue to record Council attendance, and will not agree to abide by City Hall convention.

The public deserves facts - that's what my full recordings of meetings and votes provides.

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