EcDev Chief: City Close to Sealing Private Sector Deal for New 1200-Seat Performance Venue

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Dec 07 2016 (7 months ago) // Last Updated: Dec 07 2016 (7 months ago)

The City's new Director of Economic Development Glen Norton says a private sector developer is close to finalizing plans for a new 1200-seat multi-use performance venue in Hamilton.

We have one, I'm keeping it under wraps for now, that we're working with a private sector partner who has an idea. So, we're exploring that with them that would fit exactly into that. And could be ready to go in very short order. It's a retrofit of a different type of facility.

Councillor Tom Jackson expressed his pleasure at this news.

Norton continued:

That one were - stayed tuned - that's one of the ones that I'm most confident on actually. That we'll actually be able to make happen because retrofit a building currently being used for something else.

Watch the video of Norton's statement on The Public Record's YouTube Channel.

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