New Safety Feature on HSR "14xx Series" of Articulated Buses

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Dec 06 2016 (8 months ago) // Last Updated: Dec 06 2016 (8 months ago)

Riding the 10 B-Line today, I noticed a nice safety addition - poles have been installed at the front and back of the articulation at the centre of the bus.

The interior design of buses is decided by the purchasing local transit authority, and for some reason, poles were not installed on these buses.

I've seen a few people injured by falls in this section of these buses, it's about a 8 to 10 step distance and if the bus must suddenly break, there is absolutely nothing safe to grab onto.

Personally, I experienced this only two weeks ago on bus 1420 when a driver had to suddenly apply full brake to avoid colliding with a police cruiser responding to an emergency without its siren activated.

Yesterday, Lyla Miklos was injured in an articulated bus braking incident.

There remains an unavoidable two to four step gap between the poles in the centre articulation.

As an added bonus, the poles are padded, which should help decrease the risk of injury if a passenger falls into them in the event of a braking incident while in the gap.

As a related aside, in April, I was researching Ontario regulations for bus safety standards and was surprised to learn there are no set standards for the interior design of HSR buses.

I'm glad to see this improvement on HSR buses - and hope we'll see more padded poles in the future.

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