Skelly, Bus Racks, and Claremont Access Alternatives

By Joey Coleman // @JoeyColeman
Published: Nov 25 2016 (7 months ago) // Last Updated: Nov 25 2016 (7 months ago)

Some further context on Councillor Skelly's comment about HSR buses and bike racks.

During the debate on the Claremont Access bike track, Skelly was speaking against the lane because it is not high on the Cycling Master Plan priority list, and will cost over $2-million dollars. She says it will be not well enough used to justify the expense.

As an alternative, she proposed installing bike racks on HSR buses and making use of the HSR - for free - by bicycle riders from the bottom of the Claremont to the top.

I noted that she suggested the installation of bike racks - because the HSR already installed them on every bus.

Metrolinx has seen to the installation of bike racks on all GO buses and 905-belt local public transit agencies.

I tweeted:

Donna Skelly says the City should look at installing bike racks on the front of HSR buses as an alternative to Claremont Bike Track #YHMgov

Followed by:

I'll call this "very quick win" because (unknown to those who don't ride HSR), bike racks already installed

During the same debate, Councillor Merulla had to ask if there were any bus routes which service the Claremont Access. Among the 50 senior staff and 13 Councillors in the room, not one of them is familiar enough with HSR bus routes to answer the question.

Eventually, a HSR upper manager was found, a discussion among staff occurred, and the answer known to any HSR rider was given: No.

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